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Learn a little about us...

The Arts Action Fund is at the forefront of advancing the arts in America. We are the only national arts advocacy organization dedicating 100% of our time, money, and political clout to advancing the arts in America. Our mission is to mobilize one million citizens to join us in mobilizing support of the arts and arts education around the country.


As the nation's leader in arts advocacy we:

  1. Stand up for every child's right to a comprehensive, high quality arts education
  2. Promote public policies that provide individuals and families affordable access to all forms of the arts
  3. Rally national support against attacks to the arts
  4. Build political influence to ensure bipartisan support for the arts

The Arts Action Fund has been building bipartisan support for the arts as well as delivering a unifed message to Congress. Since our founding in 2004, an extra $200 million has been appropriated to arts related funding.

Together, we can stand up for the arts in America. Join the movement for today!

Arts Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization affiliated with Americans for the Arts