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Economic Impact of the Arts on the Front Page in Palm Beach

Posted on: Dec 11, 2017

Last week, the results of Americans for the Arts' Arts in Economic Prosperity 5 report were featured on the front page of the Palm Beach Daily News, just one day after the study was presented by Amcerians for the Arts Vice President of Research and Policy, Randy Cohen. The article references the data specific to the positive economic impact of arts and cultural organizations in Palm Beach, FL, noting that Palm Beach residents spent an additional average of $25.59 per person on items other than the cost of admission per cultural event, and tourists spent an average of $43.84 per event each. In addition, nonprofit arts and cultural agencies supported 8,237 jobs in Palm Beach, and had an overall economic impact of $345.3 million on the county. 

The timing of this article's publishing is key, as President Trump visited the area on the same day as the article was printed.