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Front Page Media Coverage from July 27th Fly-In

Posted on: Aug 7, 2017

News from our July 27th Fly-In hasn't stopped! Yesterday, August 6, the Morristown, NJ paper Daily Record printed an article detailing the Fly-In and Briefing, which featured Arts Action Fund member, Morristown resident, and Exexutive Director of Morris Arts Tom Werder. The article, which appeared above the fold and on the front page of the paper's Sunday edition, highlighted Werder's story about the arts' role in Morristown, as well as figures from Americans for the Arts' Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 report as they pertain to both the nation and Morristown specifically. Werder was in D.C. with arts advocates from six other states last month, lobbying their Senators and Representatives to increase funding for the NEA to $155 million. For more details about this event, be sure to read the story on our blog here.

                                      Representative Leonard Lance (left), with Tom Werder of Morristown (right).

Daily Record reaches the districts of both Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ-11), Chair of the House Appropropriations Committee, and Representative Leonard Lance (R-NJ-11), Co-Chair of the Congressional Arts Caucus. In mentioning them by name, the article ensures that these congressmen will take notice of the article, especially as the house members are currently in their home districts for the August recess. Furthermore, this article draws even more attention to the Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 report, spreading the word that the arts and cultural sectors are substantial and necessary in our local and national economy. 

Left to Right: Executive Director of Morris Arts Tom Werder, recording artist Ben Folds, and Vice President of Research at Americans for the Arts Randy Cohen.

This briefing was a huge success in pairing economic data with local stories, and we are thrilled that these stories continue to be told in these advocates' home towns!