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What is the Arts Action Fund PAC

Americans for the Arts Action Fund PAC is the only national bipartisan political action committee (PAC) devoted to electing members of Congress who will fight for the arts and arts education at the federal level. Though the Arts Action Fund itself is legally allowed to participate in many forms of advocacy, it’s only through the member-supported PAC that we can donate directly to the campaigns of arts-friendly candidates.

Raising funds to support pro-arts Congressional candidates is a key part of our work. We oppose anti-arts candidates, of course, but we also fight against the bureaucratic expediency that can lead even arts-neutral politicians to jettison arts funding — instead of helping to ensure that all Americans can benefit from and participate in the arts. 

Many well-meaning people, including some candidates for office and elected officials, view spending on the arts not just as an extravagance, but also as a drain on resources that would best be used for other purposes. We must elect pro-arts members of Congress to lead the fight against these ideas — and for the arts and arts education. Nothing less than our nation’s cultural fabric is at stake.

Why Give to the Arts Action Fund PAC

Contributions to the Arts Action Fund PAC provide direct support to the campaigns of arts-friendly Congressional candidates. Just as your voice is stronger in a chorus with others, your support for pro-arts candidates will be stronger with others too. By pooling pro-arts contributions into larger donations, the Arts Action Fund PAC can provide worthy candidates with more funding than most people are able to give individually.  

During the 2008 election cycle, we contributed to the campaigns of pro-arts candidates in every state. As the 2012 cycle heats up, won’t you help us expand our influence even further? Your contributions will help convince pro-arts Congressional candidates that we care about their support of the arts and want to help boost them to Washington.


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