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Do you need a speaker at your next webinar? BOOK NINA as your expert on all things CARES Act, ArtsVote 2020, and political and legislative action! If you are interested in having Nina as your guest speaker please email our Arts Action Fund Membership Associate at [email protected] with your inquiries and scheduling. There is no fee for this speaking service, we just ask everyone to join the Arts Action Fund for free!

Nina Ozlu Tunceli has served as the keynote speaker at dozens of webinars for our grassroots members, including State Arts Agencies in Virginia, Illinois, and Utah; State Arts Advocacy Organizations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Texas, Colorado, and Florida; Local Arts Councils in Miami, FL, Augusta, GA, Chattanooga, TN, Daytona Beach, FL, New Bedford, MA, Fairfax, VA, Cincinnati, OH, Pinellas County, FL, and Montgomery County, MA; and National Organizations such as Independent Sector.

Please also be sure to regularly check for breaking news and updates on issues related to the impact of COVID-19 on the arts and artists. Updates below: