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Congress will soon conclude its summer recess after Labor Day. Now, we must prepare our advocacy efforts for possible floor votes on upcoming appropriations legislation impacting the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), arts education, and many other key federally funded cultural programs.  

Unfortunately, far-right House Freedom Caucus members have been proposing deep budget cuts and inserting disturbing social and cultural amendments to various pieces of legislation that threaten free expression, choice, identity, and efforts to promote diversity and equity. This trend indicates we must be prepared for similar amendments to upcoming bills headed to the House floor next month that could possibly add restrictive free expression clauses to federally funded arts and arts education programs.

Please take a moment to urge your Members of Congress to support the President’s FY 2024 budget request of $211 million each for NEA and NEH funding and be prepared to vote NO on any weakening amendments that lower funding levels or limit artistic expression

Last year, the arts community came together successfully to advocate that Congress increase the NEA and NEH funding to a historic $207 million for FY 2023, representing a 15 percent increase. Unfortunately, this year the House has proposed cutting these budgets to $185 million each, while the Senate approved level funding at $207 million. Now, we need your help to fend off the House cuts to the NEA and any harmful attacks that curb creativity and advancements in diversity and equitable grantmaking. Contact your Members of Congress today. Additionally, you can follow the current status of the appropriations cycle for federal arts programs using the chart below.


Funding Chart FY24

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